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0 March 10, 2016

Media Day- Feature Article

by Nikole Gianopoulos, Media Relations Coordinator


The crew arrives bright and early at the station in their best attire. They double check the equipment and transport it to the Campus Center ballroom. Once in the ballroom, they begin setting up for the live broadcast. Bright-eyed students flood the ballroom as The Morning Howl wraps up. Alumni and guests are pulled aside for live interviews. After a day of fun and work, the crew takes down the equipment and heads back to the station.

The University of West Georgia’s Department of Mass Communications held its 35th annual Media Day 2016 event on Wednesday, March 2. The event included a panel discussion from five professionals from media–related fields, a networking portion and an Honors Luncheon where selected students were recognized for their contributions to the department. This annual event provided students with the opportunity to establish connections with UWG alumni and media professionals from various industries.

Despite the record-breaking turnout, many students were unable to attend Media Day. UWG’s The WOLF Internet Radio began preparing for Media Day weeks in advance to ensure that those unable to attend could still participate in the big day. Since its launch in 2011, The WOLF has made an effort to broadcast Media Day live.

“The thrill of Media Day is seeing students connect with alumni, a lot of whom I have gone to school with, and other students that I have taught or trained over the years who come back for Media Day,” said Operations Manager of The WOLF Internet Radio, Shawn Isaacs.

In addition to its live broadcast, The WOLF’s primary role for Media Day was promotion. They advertised a pre Media Day workshop called “Dress for Success” that informed students on how to present themselves and what to wear during the event. The WOLF also took to its own social media to promote Media Day and all related workshops several weeks in advance.

Every year, students who are unable to attend the event count on The WOLF to provide them with live coverage. The station crew along with the operations manager prepared days in advance to ensure that the audio from Media Day could be heard on the station.

“Ensuring you have the right equipment and connections and making sure you have production work built is one of the most challenging obstacles in preparing for Media Day,” said Shawn.

Media Day has become a very routine day for The WOLF throughout the years. Like previous years, they arrived before alumni and students at the Campus Center ballroom to prep for the live broadcast. They started the broadcast with The Morning Howl. As registration opened, they began interviewing panelists, talking with alumni and catching up with guests.

“Being able to connect with and seeing the people I’ve gone to school with or trained over the years become alumni and come back to Media Day makes you feel like you had a part in their progression up to that point,” said Shawn. “That’s extremely rewarding.”

Shawn graduated from UWG with a Bachelor of Arts in mass communications in 2010. During his senior year he was presented with the excellence award for multi-media storytelling at Media Day. He recalled attending Media Day as a freshman and feeling lost to later returning as a junior who felt much more confident and eventually went on to be recognized for his work.

“I tell students that when you attend Media Day as a freshman, when it’s not a necessity for you, it will give you experience for the next year,” shared Shawn. “When you go your junior or senior year you will already feel well versed on what the day is like.”

Now an alumnus and an UWG staff member, Shawn still reaps the benefits of Media Day. He receives a first-hand account of the industry, which guides him in knowing how to prep students at The WOLF for the “right now.”

“The WOLF Internet Radio acts as both press and support at Media Day,” concluded Shawn. “We see ourselves as an extension of the Department of Mass Communications in celebrating the day of media and letting students and alumni know how awesome Media Day is.”

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