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0 February 27, 2018

Lofi and Chill

  It is Wednesday night and you are in the middle of a once a month ritual for your spring semester biology class. Spread out on a desk are the notes from class to your left, a MacBook in the middle, and your overpriced textbook that you have only opened three times as far as you can recall. You are almost prepared for a full on deep dive into the cellular structure when you turn on a “late night studying/ chill playlist”. Your ears are filled with the sounds of vinyl crackles and light rain, as a cut from a random jazz record from 1945 is sampled with some J-Dilla style drums over it. You do not know why this helps you study. In fact, it may not help you at all, but something about the sound feels right.

        With mid-terms on the way I feel like it is only right to talk about the dark horse genre of Soundcloud. This sub-genre of hip hop, Lo Fi hip hop, is relatively new. It makes its name by being labeled as background music and something to relax to. This is mostly due to the trend of using jazzy, mellow samples in production of the songs. There is also this strange aesthetic of using an image of a 90’s anime character and spacing the letters out in the titles of songs: L I K E   T H I S.

This is the big calling card for the genre and causes people to look at it as a novelty. Artists can find this especially harmful if they are trying to stand out, but all the best producers of this particular sound use this formula. Be that as it may, it does not seem to stop people from pumping out new lo fi tracks every day. There are YouTube channels, like Chilled Cow, that have a 24/ 7 stream that only plays lo fi music. It is perfect for times when a person needs a continuous vibe going without being interrupted by those annoying, loud Spotify ads every 10 minutes. If Lo Fi seems like your cup of tea, or you just need a change of pace from your usual playlist, you should definitely give it a try.

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