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0 August 7, 2017

GameStop’s New Employee Survey Is A Little One-Sided


GameStop announced recently that they will be open on Thanksgiving Day for the first time, joining other retail stores in the rush to get sales started before Black Friday. In past years, GameStop refused to open on the holiday for the sake of employees spending time with their family, and instead would open early on Black Friday.

GameStop claimed that the change was in response to overwhelming employee and customer requests, however it wasn’t until after the announcement that GameStop sent a survey for employees to fill out regarding the decision. We got a hold of the survey, and lets just say its a little one sided.



Ummm... So they have to choose whether they want to support their company....or be a jerk.


What do you think? Did GameStop make the wrong move opening on Thanksgiving? What could they hope to learn from this employee survey?

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