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0 February 15, 2018


By Mykenzi Zehren

As a part of the College Circuit, we interviewed Lindsey Averill, the creator of Fattitude, for our
first show on Monday the 12 th . Lindsey talks about how the media portrays weight bias and the way
media portrays fat people as villains or victims and not as themselves. As said in their website and in our
interview, fat people are paid $1.25 less than their thin counterparts. Lindsey told us they call their
movement to end weight bias #FattitudeRevolution.
There is a public screening at the Plaza Theater in Atlanta on Thursday, February 22 at 7:00 to
10:00pm. For our Wolves out there, you can get a discount for the tickets with the discount code WOLF.
Just go to and search Fattitude the Movie.
To listen to the full interview, go over to the show tab and listen to the College Circuit podcast.

The website:

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