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0 April 25, 2018

Counter-Protesters Drown Out Neo-Nazis at Newnan Rally – The WOLF News



By Bode Brooks, The WOLF News Director

Protesters packed Newnan streets by the hundreds on Saturday as Neo-Nazis held a planned rally at Greenville Street Park. Roughly three dozen members of the National Socialist Movement attended the rally and were met by massive barriers and lines of police in riot gear separating the hundreds of screaming counter-protesters that were only 75 yards away. Roughly 700 law enforcements officers representing more than 40 different agencies assisted Newnan police in maintaining security at the event. At least 10 arrests were made, according to the Newnan Times-Herald, however, the protest remained peaceful.

The WOLF News spoke with many of the protesters who had a clear message for Neo-Nazis:


“I am here today because I want the Nazis to go away,” said one protester, Meg Ingham. “Just because we are in rural America doesn’t mean we are sympathetic to your message.”

“To see that it’s 2018 and we got somebody, talking about American Nazis, right? Talking about white hate and white supremacy, right? When all we should be talking about is unity and solidarity,” said Cedric Sims, General-Commander of the Black Panther Liberation.

Flying above downtown Newnan was an airplane reading “NEWNAN BELIEVES IN LOVE FOR ALL.” Russell Campbell organized the flight and gave an exclusive interview with The WOLF News.


“I just wanted to send a message and I figured nobody could mess with a plane up there,” said Campbell. “So I came up with the idea — I just set up a GoFundMe page and a lot of great people donated and we got it set up. I wanted to send a message from Newnan to say that we don’t like this we want love, we don’t want hate. They chose Newnan for whatever reason and I wanted to send a message back from Newnan.”


You can see more of Bode’s pictures from the rally here on our Facebook Page

Bode Brooks is an international award winning investigative reporter. You can hear more from him on The Power Hour this Tuesday nights at 8pm.

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