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0 August 25, 2017

Confrontation Leads to Chaos at Sigma Nu Fraternity – The WOLF News

By Bode Brooks, The WOLF Internet Radio News Director

In the early hours of Aug. 18, an African American male was involved in what he describes as a racial confrontation on the property of the Sigma Nu Fraternity that escalated to violence, an event that has now drawn attention and outrage from University of West Georgia students across social media.

UWG student Wayne Aljoe, 23, and 4 other women traveled to the Sigma Nu Fraternity house at approximately 1:30 a.m. Friday morning.

“That was our last resort,” said Aljoe after many parties at local apartment complexes had ended for the night.

“We went there just to check out the party scene, see if it was very lively.” Aljoe said there was no one at the door monitoring foot traffic, so he just walked in.

“I was in there for less than six minutes and I felt eyes just on me,” said Aljoe. Aljoe was about to leave the property when a large, intoxicated male, later identified as John O’Barr, 22, approached him. According to incident reports, O’Barr began yelling obscenities and epithets.

“N-words, the whole nine yards: ‘Get out of here, boy,’ ’You don’t belong here,’” said Aljoe when describing the confrontation. Aljoe said he attempted to verbally confront O’Barr when multiple other men began crowding around Aljoe and O’Barr. The argument quickly escalated when O’Barr shoved Aljoe, prompting a physical response from him.

“I grabbed him and threw him down and just rushed to my car,” said Aljoe. Aljoe then entered his red 2002 Acura RSX when a group of approximately 7-10 men followed and quickly surrounded Aljoe’s vehicle. Aljoe stated that two men attempted to hold his driver’s side door open and that he felt as though they were attempting to fight him. Reports state that they kept telling Aljoe to step out of his vehicle and antagonized him by calling him racial slurs. This continued to the point when Aljoe began driving and a beer bottle was thrown at his windshield, causing it to shatter. Aljoe then drove back to Arbor View Apartments and called 911. O’Barr was later transported to Tanner Medical Center.


A friend of Aljoe’s, operating under the Twitter handle @_StayFinesin, posted a video several hours after the incident showing Aljoe and his vehicle shortly after the incident took place. At the current time of this writing, the video has been retweeted 505 times. On Aug. 19, the University of West Georgia posted this message to social media:


“UWG is aware of an incident at a private party off campus early Friday morning. We are cooperating with the Carrollton Police Department, which is investigating the matter. If that investigation finds a student or student organization violated our student conduct policy, our review process will follow its defined course.”


The WOLF News reached out to interim University Police chief Lt. Ned Watson for an updated statement, and was directed to Gary Leftwich, Director of Strategic Communication. Leftwich said:

“We do not have an updated statement at this point as the case remains under investigation by Carrollton police. We are following their lead and assisting where needed.”


The WOLF News also reached out to the Sigma Nu Fraternity, which responded with this statement:


“The Carrollton PD has the full story. If you would like to contact them and get the story from them you are more than welcome but sigma nu as a fraternity will not speak on it [sic]. We will say we deny all accusations of this being a hate or race crime. We are in no way, shape, or form a ‘racist organization’. We would never deny or neglect someone based on the color of their skin. We are a very diverse organization. We have African American men in our fraternity so those accusations are false [sic].”


Sigma Nu member John O’Barr declined a request to speak to The WOLF News.


“This might be my first week here, but, UWG really cares about their students…that’s something that I can say from my heart,” said Aljoe, in response to the action taken by UWG since the incident took place. Aljoe said that he feels very loved from the kind words shared by administrators and the dozens of students who have spoken with him about the incident. Aljoe is a transfer student from Albany State University and is currently a junior.

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