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0 February 24, 2018

Campus Email Chain Brings Awareness to Charity – The WOLF News

By Bode Brooks, The WOLF News Director

It all started with a single email, a group invite to Applebees for the Developmental club, that was meant to go sociology grad students. At first, the email seemed like it was disregarded, just another all student announcement. However, Developmental Club president Gesela Ramos says many students reached out, confused about receiving the email.
“There’s a good amount of people that are emailing me saying that they want to come,” Ramos said. “It’s kind of a private event, you know, so let me just send a disregard email saying—it’s a private event, don’t come.”
What Ramos didn’t realize was she had sent her invitation not to Sociology grad students, but to an unused google group named “_activestudents” hosted by the university containing the student emails of more than 24,000 current and previous students of UWG. Within seconds of sending her email to disregard the replies came flying in.
Nearly 600 email replies were received by all 24,000 people in the “_activestudent” group. Many students demanded they be removed from the email list, unaware of the technical error, while some simply pleaded just for those replying to not hit the reply all. Their attempts were to no avail, as the emails were coming in at just too quick a rate. Some students took advantage of the opportunity to market their personal business or music content. While others, including Ramos found humor out of the situation.
“I was screenshotting what people were saying and sending it to my roommates. But then after a while, I was just like- I think this became something, like I think this is bigger than I ever expected something like this to be,” Ramos said.
A source in ITS has confirmed to The WOLF News that the “_active student” group has been shut down. However, Ramos hopes the outreach from incident will bring in many fresh faces to the Developmental Club. Ramos reached out to Applebees to potentially turn the meeting into a spirit night to support the Carrollton women’s shelter, however her request was denied. But that is not stopping Ramos.
Ramos said, “I just ask everyone to try and donate in any way they can.”
Bode Brooks is an international award winning investigative reporter. You can hear more from him on The Power Hour this Tuesday nights at 8pm.

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