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0 October 27, 2016

UPDATE: West Georgia Student Killed in Shooting at Off-Campus Apartment – The WOLF News

By Georgia McCarthur, The WOLF News Assistant Director

Carrollton Police Department has made a new development in the ongoing investigation of the fatal shooting of University of West Georgia student Tyler Ford, a 23-year-old senior majoring in business. CPD has confirmed that two females and one male have been arrested in connection to Ford’s murder. CPD believes that robbery is the motive that resulted in the fatal shooting. The two females arrested, 18-year old Seniya Asford-Conner, 19-year old Arpege Jackson were also students at West Georgia. The third male suspect was not a student. Carrollton Police Captain Shannon Cantrell says that the homicide investigators believe the two are connected to a string of robberies that week, including the one that lead to Ford’s death. The WOLF News spoke with CPD and was informed investigators were up all night at the station trying to put together the pieces to the puzzle regarding the fatal armed robbery.

Three of Ford’s roommates called police after hearing a knock at the door following an altercation and the sound of gunshots. Minute’s later police arrived and found Tyler’s body lying on the floor near the doorway of his apartment. The investigation is still ongoing.

Contact Carrollton Police at 770-834-4451 if you have any further information that will assist in this case.

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