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0 February 14, 2017

A Language Exchange

January 14, 2017


Oi! Need help learning a new language this year or do you want to practice one you already know? Here is one app that can help you!

Tandem: I have used this app for about 2 weeks now and it is great! You connect directly with native speakers who are willing to help you read, write, and speak better. It’s basically a social app that you can connect through Google+ or Facebook. Select the language or languages you want to learn and write a few things about yourself. Developers will review your responses to the questions to make sure you are sincere and after a few minutes, you will be ready to go. They send a reminder that it is not a dating app, which I appreciate because I just want to learn new languages. I do not want a hook up nor do I want to be harassed by some creepy old guy. You can select the age range of people you’d like to be paired with and whether you want to be paired with men and women or just your own sex.

Once your profile is up and ready and you have selected the language(s) you are native in and the language(s) you want to learn, you will have a list of people who want to learn the language(s) you speak. Everyone on the app is eager and willing to learn and share. The app allows you to video chat, call by phone, text, and send and receive voice recordings. I have learned so much about other countries and cultures. Everyone I have contacted and who has contacted me is from other countries, so I am able to share my knowledge about the US and they can tell me about their countries too.

English is quite the coveted language of the world. I have asked a few people why they want to learn English and they tell me that it is a universal language, so be prepared for many people to contact you.

People of various levels will want to talk to you. I find that patience and sincerity give you great reviews from people (yes, they have to ability to leave reviews of you on your profile, so be nice). One cool feature in the app is the corrections you can make on someone’s text! You tap and hold one of their statements and just correct it for them. It shows what they got wrong and your corrected statement below. They may ask questions about why something is the way it is, so know your grammar…or at least look it up for them.

There are other apps like this such as HelloTalk and I have heard good things about this app as well. Try one of these out and see if you don’t get better at speaking another language in just one month!



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