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0 February 20, 2018

5 Signs You Have Senioritis

By Itunu Aromolaran

1. What homework?: Homework has become a thing of the past. You find yourself drifting away from assignments, until realizing that not turning in the assignment could affect your grade, and thus your graduation status (and that’s not good).



2. You always feel overwhelmed: Most of the time for no reason. It’s not like you’re doing homework anyway.


3. You roll your eyes at everything: the annoying freshmen, the annoying classes, the annoying everything…


4. You’re constantly checking your graduation status: just to be 100% sure, ya know. Maybe you even took it to the extreme and scheduled an appointment with your advisor to double-check.

5. The months to graduation seem like eternity: but you can’t help but appreciate the time you have left as an undergrad.

So use these last days as an undergrad and live to the fullest, because in three short months, we’ll be outta here!



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