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0 March 29, 2016

40 Things Seniors Remember About West Georgia

by: Kayla Morris


1. No East Commons

2. “Meet me in the Downs Circle”

3. Einstein’s is never open when you need it

4. Remembering when Starbucks first opened

5. Dr. Sethna

6. Cookie stampedes at the Z6

7. Subway open until midnight

8. Parties in Greek Village

9. Centre Pointe Construction

10. Watson Hall/Downs Hall/Boykin Hall

11. The REAL Club Ingram

12. Mike on the Bike/Rollerblade girl

13. Academy Kids (cough cough Pajama Boy)

14. C-Store in the UCC

15. When Freshman didn’t have to park at the stadium

16. Club 31

17. The old game room

18. Bowdon: Before Renovations

19. Old bonfires where Centre Pointe is

20. Being able to smoke on campus

21. Human vs Zombies in Love Valley

22. BSA Concerts

23. The GOOD Wifi

24. When Johnny’s was actually Johnny’s

25. No Waffle House on Maple Street

26. SAC Events

27. Pre-Construction Days

28. Mellow Mushroom

29. The Year of the Wobble

30. When UWG Football sucked

31. Weekend Roundtable Study Sessions in the Z6

32. Finding the move on Twitter

33. The “Donna Omelet”

34. When WOLFstock used to be in Love Valley

35. Tweet & Greets

36. No Haven West

37. All the Old Apartment Names

38. Marathon Ice Cream runs

39. Partying with you RAs

40. Waiting in line at Cobb Hall for your Microsoft Word CDs

If there is something missing add it in the comments below.

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